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Devised with Patrick Fleury, Jenna Grossano, Rachel B. Joyce, and DJ Dan Geggatt

 Liquored-up and down-to-fuck, it’s Stanley, Blanche, and STELLAAAAA! They’ve traded in fried-green melodrama for red-hot dubstep, and when the beat drops, the French Quarter will never be the same. A heart-stopping, pill-popping remix of Tennessee Williams’ sexiest play. 

. . .

Produced by Less Than Rent Theatre and Horse Trade Theater Group, December 2012. Director: Jenna Grossano.



“Thoughtful, hilarious, and a thrill to watch.”
The New York Times

"Thoroughly modern and breathtakingly risky, “Desire! (A Varsouviana)” is one of the more outstanding works of off-off-Broadway theatre in recent memory."
The Washington Square News Highlighter

"The art itself is realized boldly and beautifully in this production. Presson, Fleury, and Buethe have edited the script brilliantly, and Grossano’s direction is at once refreshingly unfamiliar and joltingly clear… After reading, seeing, and living with Streetcar for decades, it’s hard for me to come to it with fresh eyes. But Desire! makes it feel newer than it’s felt for me before."

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