In 2010, James founded Less Than Rent with six friends. 

The goal was, and continues to be, to produce work that's relentlessly high-energy and boundary pushing without forgoing depth, thoughtfulness, and a refined perspective.

We're doing our best! 

Since then, LTR has produced work at over a dozen different venues including HERE Arts Center, La MaMa, Theatre Row, and The Wild Project.

He continues to serve as Co-Artistic Director with his wife, Rachel B. Joyce.

“Less Than Rent is one of America’s smartest, most interesting, and most ambitious young theater companies.” –Martin Denton, NY Theatre Now

Developed playwrights include Gracie Gardner (Pussy Sludge), Cory Finley (The Private Sector), SP Monahan (Diva, Rodham/Sade), Catherine Weingarten (Are You Ready to Get Pampered?!), and Matthew George (Cow Play).


Indie Theater Now ‘People of the Year’, 2013
uSolo Awards for Diva - Best Musical, Audience Choice
NYIT Nomination for Beckett in Benghazi - Best Featured Actor (Brendan McDonough)
LMCC Grantee Spotlight of the Month (August 2013)
East Villager ‘Artist of the Month’ (November 2012)
FringeNYC Awards for Richard 3 - Best Director (James Presson), Best Actor (Jake Ahlquist)
Artist-in-residence: Horse Trade Theater Group (2012-14)