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A docudrama by Bonnie Dickinson and the Theatre Students of Wilton High (including James Presson, Natalie Kropf, and Nick Lanza)

A series of monologues taken from the letters, poetry, and blogs of real U.S. Iraq War veterans and Iraqi citizens. This controversial documentary play shows the impact of war from differing perspectives and experiences, including the voices and sentiments of the students who wrote the play, which was censored by the Public School System.

Script available through Playscripts

Wikipedia Page

Video Excerpt of PBS film version 

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Produced at The Vineyard Theater, August 2007.

Performance at The Public Theater, July 2007.

Performance at Culture Project, July 2007.

Produced at Fairfield Theatre Company, June 2007.



MTI Award for ‘Courage in Theatre’ (2007)
Arts Award from National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC), panel chaired by Christopher Durang (2007)
“Freedom Award” from Connecticut Conference on First Amendment Rights (2008)


"Very well done."
The New York Times

"Voices in Conflict ended with a standing ovation. Some audience members wiped tears from their eyes."
Los Angeles Times

"With its frank testimonials, the script presented a stark portrait of the mind of the modern soldier, including their reasons for joining the military — one soldier cited Top Gun as his inspiration — their grueling trek through basic training and their attitudes toward having to kill."
New York Post


The New York Times
The New York Times
Good Morning America
The New York Times
The Nation
The New York Times
Daily Kos
Democracy Now with Amy Goodman


Voices in Conflict was later adapted into a film for PBS. As a film it won two regional Emmy Awards: Best Director and Best Musical Composition. It was also nominated for the top prize of Best Program. Watch it for free.

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